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Welcome to Trap-A-Lot Mafia (Formerly trapMAFIA and Trap-A-Lot Records).

trapMAFIA & Trap-A-Lot Records was created to bring together the love for Trap Music.  We showcase the most talented Trap, Glitch, Dubstep, Hip-Hop artists all over the world.

Get Exposed with Trap-A-Lot Mafia!

trapMAFIA and Trap-A-Lot Records have created the true one-stop shop for Artist Promotion, Labeling, Digital Production, Search Engine Optimization and so much more!

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Trap-A-Lot Records


What is Trap Music?

Trap music is a music genre which originated in the early 2000′s from Southern hip-hop and crunk music.[1] While its sound and influences have undergone a number of developments since its inception, it can often be characterized by its sweeping sub-bass, crisp snares, scratching, heavy use of 808s, layered synths, repeated samples, and sped up hi-hats.[2] Initially an underground genre, trap music first experienced mainstream exposure in 2003 after the success of a number of landmark albums, including T.I.‘s Trap Muzik and Young Jeezy‘s Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 . In 2010, trap music experienced a renewed success with releases by artists including Waka Flocka FlameRick Ross and Gucci Mane.

In 2012, a new movement of electronic music producers and DJs emerged who began incorporating elements of trap music into their works. This helped expand its popularity among electronic music fans. A number of stylistic offshoots of trap developed, which in the latter half of 2012 gained a rise in viral popularity and made a noticeable impact on dance music.

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